TECH-4075 Solar Charger


Suntree uses 9 solar leaves to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player using
solar cell technology. A real eye catcher for any desk, with a powerful 1350mAh
rechargeable lithium battery inside. The solar charger has an USB output and
mini-USB input. Including a mini USB cable. Registered design®

Bamboo trunk: 19.2 ( h )

base: 10 ( l ) x 10 ( w ) x 0.2 ( h )
ABS leaves covered with solar surface: 5.2V / 0.02A / 3.9 ( l ) x 3.9 ( w ) x 0.38 ( h )
1400mAh rechargable lithium battery inside
ACC. to RoHS compliant
micro USB input
includes micro USB cable
recess for domed sticker
presentation box: 23 ( l ) x 23 ( w ) x 25.5 ( h )

XD Design Solar Tree won the Good Design Award in 2011 

Ryan James McSorley
XD Design Team
Xindao, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Rijswijk, The Netherlands

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