NEW! Fit-Tech Tracker

Works with the Zeroner App and links to Discovery Vitality.

Get active with the all-day Fit-Tech Tracker that is both sleek and stylish. The Fit-Tech Tracker will keep you motivated and focused on reaching your goals. Features includes a slim OLED display with touch control function that tracks and monitors your steps throughout the day, notifies you of calories burned, reminds you to move, offers message and call notification ID, has sleep monitoring mode, Bluetooth connection and phone search capabilities. The sport mode function includes the following options: running/walking, push-up, rope skipping, basketball and sit-up. Can be charged by plugging into the USB port of a computer, USB adaptor or powerbank. A white light will flash for 45 minutes while in charging mode.
1. Bluetooth 4.0
2. Android 4.3 or above
1. iOS 8.0 or above
Packaged in a white presentation box
Includes instruction manual

Band: 1 colour white print
1.2cm (h) x 3cm (w)
Plaquet: engraving
0.5cm (h) x 1.5cm (w)

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