Covid-19 Masks


Silver Lining is a certified as an essential service provider and a distributor of essential items

These face masks are available in plain fabric or can be branded in full colour. They are washable and reusable. Each mask comes standard with a certified filter that gives you excellent airflow and barrier protection. 

Covid-19 Civilian Mask
Mask price list
Mask filters


Each Mask comes with 1 x D15 or Triple Layer filter (each filter should be replaced after being sterilized 5 times) 
Additional 5 packs Of filters are sold for R4.75ex vat per pack, plain fibertex filter are R3.80 ex vat
Sampling time is 24/48hours
Bulk production is currently running at 10 -15 days from sample approval
Blanks comes standard in Black, Navy or White. Custom solid colours can be sublimated at the “step and repeat” price
All prices are ex factory in Durban
Couriers can be arranged at an extra charge and will be added on to your invoice
Kids sizes are available on request at the same price as the attached price list ****
Filter size is 15cm x 9cm
Metal nose clips can be added for a additional charge of R1.85ex vat per mask


Material Specifications


C19206 – Triple Layer Filter


Barrier efficiency test based on ISO14644 – adapted to measure the efficiency of textile fabrics and filter materials for use in cloth face masks to be used during COVID-19 pandemic. (The purpose of these masks is to prevent transmission of small respiratory droplets from the wearer to the environment. Cloth masks are not PPE). The test method is based on the attainment of a 5-micron particle count after transmission of an air stream through the sample and an air flow rating that represents the air permeability of the sample. Results are rated on a 4-point scale as shown below to prevent misinterpretation.








Triple Layer Filter

Tested against ISO14644 standard, it is a triple layered filter media consisting of a spun bond, a needled nonwoven and a fine felt layer which have been laminated together and thermo bonded for added durability. The triple layer construction provides excellent filtration and strength. The product can also be welded.



1 = Very Poor (Value B/AP 0-25%)

2 = Poor (Value B/AP 25-50%)

3 = Good (Value B/AP 50-75%)

4 = Excellent (Value B/AP 75-100%)


Results of the mentioned test(s) carried out under controlled conditions on fabrics for COVID-19 cloth masks. Instrument calibration certificates available on request.




The purpose of the cloth face masks is to prevent transmission of small Cloth face masks are not personal protective equipment (“PPE”) and are not meant to replace PPE, or the recommended good health and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands, respiratory hygiene and refraining from touching your face.   respiratory droplets from the wearer to the environment. 




C19204 – Nonwoven Filter








Nonwoven Fabric Filter

Designed according to ISO14644-1 Class number 7 for 5um particle size and ISO Class 8 for 0,5um and 1,0um size particles. This effectively provides a 95% holdout against all respiratory droplets generated by talking, coughing and sneezing.

Complies with ISO standards and conditions as per ISO14644-1


Instrument calibration certificates available on request.


C19205 – P30 100% Polyester Woven Outer Fabric 170GSM


·         Anti-Microbial and Water repellent finish (Bluesign ® APPROVED and Standard 100 by OKEO-TEX ®)


·         The water repellent prevents any droplets from penetrating through the fabric.


·         The antimicrobial kills any microbes that are deposited on the outer surface from touching or breathing.


·         Wash and launderable


·         Water repellent and antimicrobial treatments are not affected by washing